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We know your property

Our knowledgeable and dedicated team will work with you to design an efficient, elegant solution, ensuring meticulous and low-impact installations EVERY time. Our systems will not only add value to your home, but enhance and preserve your changing landscape, and because of the ever changing weather here in the Las Vegas area, it is essential to know what your doing so you fall under the Southern Nevada Water Authority's guidelines to save time, money, and most importantly, water!


How can I ensure my system is running efficiently?

Inspect your irrigation system regularly. Be sure to keep water off sidewalks and driveways. Look for leaks, damaged or clogged heads and other problems. If you suspect damage contact our helpful staff and one of our qualified technicians can perform a sprinkler system performance evaluation.

Why Us?

From residential systems to large commercial complexes and golf courses, our incredible results reflect the pride we take in every job we complete. Since 1999, our certified professionals, with over 75 years combined experience, have been meeting and exceeding the needs of Nevadans.